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about Jowanna Daley

A Note From Jowanna Daley

I understand how erratic emotions run when building your business. My Quantum Leap business program equips you with the:

  • Coaching you need so you can trust the power of purpose combined with your expertise to help your clients
  • Consulting to fill in the gap between your technical skills and successful business execution
  • The professional experience required on your team to add agility to building your business, allowing you to get your product or service to the market a lot sooner
  • Combined skills of a coach and consultant in one for optimal results
  • Repeatable process to grow your business six weeks at a time
  • Ability to apply discipline to achieve consistent results without letting your emotions dictate your action.

I’ve Been Where You Are

Your mind is your biggest friend and foe. The mind is your most powerful tool. If you don’t recognize its power, it can hinder your quality decision-making ability.

My Introduction to Entrepreneurship

I started a baby gift basket business, Daley’s Babies, around 1992. My husband and I were not only raising our first child, but we also had my four younger siblings living with us. We were in our early twenties and children ourselves.

So, we decided to start a gift basket-making business to help pay bills. I used my analytical and strategic abilities to put a plan in place while my creative sister led the production process. Before we knew it, we had an apartment filled with cute wicker bassinet-shaped baskets, spray painted, laced, and filled with delightful baby products.

Preparing and Executing the Business Plan

I wrote and executed an expertly built plan. Part of the sales and marketing strategy included taking out an ad in AT&T’s gift directory. I worked at Avon in the campaign planning department as a secretary at the time. I supported about a half-dozen campaign planners and learned forecasting by transferring their handwritten plans to decks.

I loved the work. I learned the basics of business strategy with my job, and it helped me execute a professional-level business plan for my family’s side hustle. Working at Avon’s headquarters taught me the skills I needed to:

  1. Create goals and the necessary objectives to achieve those goals
  2. Design strategies to tackle the objectives
  3. Create tactics (mini-projects) to execute the strategies

BOOM. I did it down to the appealing ad copy. It was impressive enough for AT&T to put my ad copy on the front cover of the North American issue of their gift directory. I was not prepared for what happened next.

The Grand Opening

As the AT&T directory hit people’s doorsteps in the US, my phone started ringing off the hook. I panicked and shut down the business before it even started.

My siblings pleaded with me to keep the business open, but I couldn’t hear them because my emotions overwhelmed me. They were younger than me but saw what was happening as successful.

I had NO idea fear, doubt, and anxiety was part of the process. My emotions not only clouded my vision but dictated my irrational decisions.

I shut down my business because it started with a bang.

The Lesson

In reality, Daley’s Babies was not a failure. It was a lesson and another journey that brought me closer to my purpose—using my diverse skills to empower people.

My young self had plenty to learn. While my strategic, analytic, technical, teaching, and coaching skills were natural, my awareness of the critical role my beliefs played in my success was nonexistent.

The key to success is a combination of courage, skill, strategy, planning, and support. For over 25 years, I’ve worked on finding a way to bring a solution viable and affordable solution for solopreneurs and microbusinesses.

And that’s how my Quantum Leap program came to existence. I’ve taken all my experiences, lessons, training, and heart to create a solution for businesses like yours!

Empowering Community Businesses

I spent over 25 years helping small businesses while serving in the corporate world as a programmer analyst, systems analyst, business analyst, project manager, and scrum master.

In my own experience and those with clients, customers, managers, and teams, you cannot merely have a plan for success without considering all a person’s needs.

I am not for everyone. I work with people who care about people and are willing to do the work necessary to succeed. If that’s you, then keep reading.

My experience, training, and skills allow me to guide you on:

  • Recognizing that feeling uncomfortable is part of the journey
  • Distinguishing between feeling and reality
  • Having a result-oriented approach to running your business
  • Monetizing your purpose and building a platform to create a long-lasting legacy

Quantum Leap Your Business to Success

My Quantum Leap Your Business program is designed to help you:

  • Build assurance in your business idea through a well-defined and proven clarity process
  • Create a personal connection with the tribe within your niche, by doing the research necessary for you to find them and build authentic relationships with them
  • See the power in building credibility with your tribe by being vulnerable, credible, and helpful
  • Gleam opportunities to expand your business by tapping into your clients’ unmet needs
  • Quantum leap your business to success, six weeks at a time

You not only get the work done, but you also achieve the mindset shift you need for long term success.

Dare to Take the Quantum Leap

Wouldn’t it be glorious to get the result you seek while uncovering things that are holding you back? Take the next step to create a thriving business and fill out my client intake form. Once I receive your form, I’ll send you an email with the starting part worksheet, and schedule your free session.

You will get the same session service level as if you had already signed up for the program. You have nothing to lose, and just in that first session, you’ll feel hope and see results!

Fill out the form, and I will contact you on the next step. I would love to help you mind your business.




Jowanna received her Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Information Technology from Georgia State. She also earned her Masters of Business Administration (in Entrepreneurship) from Walden University.

She has over 20 years of business and information technology experience. She has held certifications that include Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional Solutions Developer, Certified Scrum Master (000157099) and Certified Scrum Professional. She has a Graphic Design Certification from Clayton State University (CE) and she is a Project Management Professional (470068).


To empower others


Communities filled with business owners who value people over profits


To empower purpose-driven business owners through education, guidance, and support. 


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