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Jowanna Daley is co-founder of Daley Consulting, LLC, a Startup Business Coach and Consultant, a blogger, and an affiliate marketer. Jowanna believes in helping the people who help people because often, leaders do not get the support they deserve.

Jowanna uses her 35+ years of experience in technology, business analysis, project management, and coaching to serve her client’s holistic needs. Jowanna also writes for Transformation Academy, volunteers as a crisis counselor, and manages several communities on Facebook.

As a continual learner and practitioner, Jowanna combines all of her soft, functional, and technical skills to provide total solutions

  • Her experience in startup planning, along with her MBA in entrepreneurship, allows her to help startups plan succinctly and strategically
  • She is a project management professional (PMP®) and expert in planning, scheduling, risk management, and keeping client goals moving forward.
  • Her 20 years in managing iterative and agile allows her to help her clients run value-driven projects within their budgets.
  • Her organic digital marketing expertise helps clients use the right words and messages.
  • As a Master Coach, she holds the training and expertise to help her business, career, goals, success, and life purpose clients overcome limiting beliefs that hinder their ability to obtain their goals.

Jowanna’s mission is to work individually and collaboratively with others to make the world a better place. All of the company brands establish a platform for that to happen.

She enjoys home the most. While she has a business office, she prefers to work from her home office to be around her family. Jowanna has four adult children and two furry babies. She lives in McDonough, Ga, with her husband of 32 years (the love of her life), son, niece, and sister. She’s blessed to have her daughter over regularly so she can get to spend quality time with her 3-month-old granddaughter.

She enjoys writing, tennis, and spending time with friends and loved ones (mainly in the comfort of her home). You can follow  Jowanna and her brands on Facebook and Instagram.

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