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Small Business Coaching Services

small business coaching services

At Jowanna Daley, LLC, we understand that life coaches and therapists are in business to help people and not earn an MBA. Our small business coaching services help lead you through the complicated business startup process.

What Business Coaching Services Do You Offer

Business coaching is rendered by a professional that helps a business owner or manager transform by acquiring the skills, guidance, and results needed to help the business and the people thrive. Business coaches may choose to specialize in one or many functional and developmental areas. We help life coaches and counselors start their practice. We help you start a foundational sound practice by facilitating your personal growth and business skills.

What Makes Our Coaching Services Unique

Most of our clients seek out a business coach because they love what they do and need help with understanding and executing the business processes. They often get conflicting information and frankly, there are people who take advantage of new business owners. At Jowanna Daley, LLC we care about you and your business. We also specialize in helping new solopreneurs and microbusinesses launch.

We help you from ideation to launch. Our suite of services caters to your every need.

Our Small Business Coaching Process

We have a comprehensive new business coaching are customized for each client. Our clients come through a referral, our website, or a phone call. The process includes:

  • Filling out an inquiry form to let us know you are interested in our business coaching services
  • An initial discovery meeting is set up to get to your business needs better
  • We compose a proposal based on your need
  • Once you sign up as a client, your weekly meetings commence
  • The first month includes mapping out a plan of action, a tentative schedule, and outlining critical success factors
  • Your service length depends on how much of your business model you want us to help you implement

Benefits of Working With Jowanna Daley, LLC

We are dedicated to helping life coaches, and therapists launch successful businesses in their communities. Our focus is on getting your business launched as quickly as possible by helping you incrementally implement your business plan. When you partner with Jowanna Daley, LLC, you will reap tangible benefits:

  • Achieve business and revenue growth incrementally
  • Grow your business by using a simple, practical approach
  • Feel supported and enjoy the excitement of making a difference
  • Gain confidence without having to be a business expert

Partnering with Jowanna Daley, LLC

We help people who help people. After all, the world needs you. Get started today by giving Jowanna Daley, LLC a call at 678-774-6950. We look forward to partnering alongside you and continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.