CoSchedule Review: Is it the #1 Marketing Calendar?

coschedule review

CoSchedule is an online marketing calendar that allows you to plan, design, create, and publish your marketing content from one environment. The essential plan is perfect for a solopreneur or a micro business owner.

The Essential plan allows you to:

  • Create and schedule blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Use custom labels to group projects.
  • Save custom calendar views.
  • Manage project tasks.
  • Integrate other apps into the tool such as WordPress, Google Drive, MailChimp, and Office 365.
  • View social media analytics.
  • Create reusable templates.

View the video below for a rundown of CoSchedule’s features.

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Now that you have a better idea of how the tool works, take a few minutes to read about the six reasons I enjoy using CoSchedule and why I think you will like it too!

#1 Higher Productivity

CoSchedule_Social-Campaign Screen
CoSchedule allows you to work from one window.

CoSchedule has increased my work productivity by over 100 percent. The centralized interface minimizes distractions.  Each project workboard allows you to:

  • Add all the parts associated with one initiative. For instance, a blog initiative may include social media posts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest), and a newsletter.
  • Manage project tasks, communicate with your teammates, and work with templates.
  • Schedule (or reschedule) campaigns.
  • Include external project-related document.
  • Create, use, and update project templates.
  • Track percent complete.

#2 Increased Efficiency

CoSchedule Integrations
CoSchedule works with popular tools.

Owning a business is hard work—you can’t escape it. However; CoSchedule has reduced the time it takes for me to complete a marketing initiative by at least 40%. The templates reduce the time it takes me to finish project-planning work by at least four hours per product. The integration features allow me to include other marketing tools I use. I commonly include tools like MailChimp, WordPress, Google Drive, and my social media accounts. There are more opportunities to continually streamline your online marketing process. Check out the apps that integrate with CoSchedule.

#3 Superior Content Quality

CoSchedule provides a workspace that allows you to incorporate your other creative and strategic processes leading an effective online campaign.

  • The headline analyzer helps you create better blog titles, post headings, and email subject lines.
  • You can either use the app’s text editor or a word editor like GoogleDoc to add your project plan, user personas, and other project documents.
  • The text editor works with editing tools like Grammarly.
  • The task templates are easy to create and update.

I spend more time on my message and less trying to remember what tab I am working in.

#4 Better Brand Alignment Across Platforms

CoSchedule reduces the challenge you face when preparing your digital assets (i.e. images) across the different platforms. Prior to using CoSchedule, I would schedule my posts in separate environments.  If I made a mistake, I had to repeat the process. I am still able to schedule related items individually although they are developed in the same project.

Coschedule Workboard
Integrated work environment. The above screen is an actual project. It includes the blog, the design document (located on my Google Drive), and the associated social campaign for the blog.

#5 Improved ROI#

CoSchedule pricing is a drawback. You will though, get a return on your investment

  • Since using CoSchedule, my organic reach is up across all platforms.
  • I have had the time research and template best practices for the different social platforms.
  • I am more strategic in my implementation.

There are ways to reduce the cost of the tool. For instance, write a review during your trial and participate in their referral program to receive subscription discounts.

#6 Easier Performance Monitoring

I have struggled with finding ways to keep up with online marketing analytics. CoSchedule’s ability to centralize performance results in one place makes it possible to monitor campaign performance and quickly adjust my marketing strategy. Additionally, I get weekly emails that allow me to gauge my performance compared to other CoSchedule clients. Right now I just need simple metrics but as my business grows, I can integrate more advanced tools in the app.

CoSchedule Analytics
Performance dashboard


CoSchedule does not solve all my problems, but I have seen positive results as far as engagement and sales. I’ve experienced a couple of glitches. For example, I lost my workboard content once. It could have been a user error, but I could not retrace.  It would help if there was a central repository for images and videos. Still, I am satisfied with the tool’s features. It is worth a try.

Start your free trial today. Let me know what you think! Comment below with any questions or if you have used other tools.

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