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Small Business Coaching Services


Updated on December 24, 2020

Running a business requires skills outside of many small business owners’ areas of expertise. It is no wonder many startups hire small business coaches or consultants. One of the best investments an entrepreneur can make is hiring an advisor for business advice and leadership development. That way you get the knowledge and skills you need to reach your business goals. Jowanna Daley, LLC, located in McDonough, GA, provides small business coaching services and integrate startup consulting to meet all your needs.

What is Startup Coaching and Consulting?

Most small business owners who begin service-oriented ventures like life coaching or counseling do so because of a calling. Following your passion can ignite both excitement and doubt within you as well as spawn fear and intimidation about the skills you need to start and grow your company.

Coaching is a:

  • Trusted relationship between you and a trusted advisor
  • Sacred alliance that supports you with your personal development while helping you develop your business
  • A safe place to have a professional sounding board that helps you uncover solutions and results

What to Expect From A Company Who Offers Small Business Coaching Services?

Startup coaches help business owners achieve their desired outcomes. Anything you do is tied to an objective defined at the beginning of the relationship.

As part of a detailed intake process, your coach will help you clarify your needs. Some goals are geared toward growing your business leadership skills, while others are geared toward boosting your business’ success.

Growth and Leadership Activities

Starting your firm involves a finite number of steps. However, you need great leadership skills to run your organization. A skilled small business advisor also helps entrepreneurs develop the leadership qualities needed to run an organization.


Unfortunately, the phrase “being held accountable” gets a bad wrap; however, it is one of the benefits of working with a trusted partner. A coach will be the mirror you need to follow through on the decisions and actions you take so that you:

  • Can stay on a positive trajectory
  • Have the support you need to progress towards your goal
  • Have a sounding board and a solutions partner when you face hurdles
  • Can stay on track with your goals


Goals are disruptive to your life. Your daily life has a series of unplanned activities that go unnoticed until you have a goal and a deadline. It is easy to feel as if these obstructions are there to keep you from meeting your goal.

Your small business coach will help you stay motivated by:

  • Learning and executing your “mojo” love language
  • Celebrating the small wins with you
  • Acting as a visual aid to help you understand the lessons and wins in setbacks
  • Providing ongoing feedback to help guide you through obstacles


It’s hard to gain momentum, especially if you are an entrepreneur striving to start and grow your business while you have other obligations such as a full-time job. A coach helps you progress by helping you:

  • Proactively manage risks and deal with issues
  • Embrace change as part of the process
  • Break complex tasks into manageable pieces
  • Work at a steady and maintainable pace
  • Maximize the use of your time

Strategic Action Plans

Your startup coach helps turn your vision into reality by creating simple, easy-to-follow action plans. These plans will help you follow through and track how you are progressing with your objectives.

Business Startup Activities

Starting a business using modern-day inbound marketing activities help small businesses compete in markets with big players. That’s because you can bypass any intermediaries and have direct contact with your potential clients. However, the digital world has many moving parts, and having someone to help you along the way, absorbs some of the complexity.

If you work with a business coach, it can save you money, frustration, and costly mistakes. After all, two minds are better than one. Even CEOs hire professional executive coaches to act as a sounding board so they can run successful businesses efficiently and with great leadership.

Clarity With Creativity

Entrepreneurs often make one of two mistakes:

  • Going straight from business idea to market or
  • Taking so long with a traditional business plan that they lose momentum

A savvy advisor knows that a business idea is just the beginning of creating the product or service you are offering. In as little as two sessions, you can clarify your vision with a clear path forward.


Who is your clientele? Don’t undermine the importance of identifying not only your clients but your tribe.Hiring an expert sounding board helps you determine your market (and your tribe) so that you can avoid some of the common pitfalls new startups fall into.


Finding your client-base is important for your communication. Your small business coach guides you in communicating the right message to the right audience—the formula for effective marketing.


You can’t have a business without revenue; however, financial forecasts are another part of the startup puzzle that many find intimidating.n A coach will help have a financial plan that lines up with your marketing strategy so that you can track your progress.


Planning is one thing, but follow-through is another. Part of the coaching process is to help clients with follow-through, which includes:

  • Creation campaigns schedules with detailed execution activities
  • Identifying metrics to monitor the process
  • Dealing with any mindset hiccups you may have as a business leader
  • Identifying follow up service, such as accountability services

We Offer Small Business Coaching Services for Startups

Jowanna Daley LLC, in McDonough, GA, uses a coach-consultant model to serve clients both near and far. We combine our coaching and business expertise to provide a total solution for service-oriented business entrepreneurs. We add value from the first coaching session.

Many successful companies, both large and small enterprises, hire a business coach as part of their road map for business growth. At Jowanna Daley, we care about your long term success; call us to schedule your session at 678-833-1850.