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Business Coaching Services

business coaching services

Starting a business can be both intimidating and overwhelming for many life coaches and counselors. While these professionals have the skills within their professional domain, they often lack business acumen. Jowanna Daley, LLC, located in McDonough, GA, provides business coaching services to service-oriented businesses with the help they need.

What Is A Business Coach

A professional business coach is an expert that helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business leaders with their skills. They use various tactics such as insight, research, and practical advice to help people achieve business success. Business coaching services can be broad or very targeted, depending on the coach’s focus.

Business coaches can help people better understand their strengths and weaknesses to find ways to improve on them. They can also provide support in terms of time and issue management. Overall, the purpose of a business coach is to provide practical tools for success.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

A business coach help entrepreneurs and business owner create a roadmap leading to success. Here are some ways a coach can help take your business to the next level.

Offer Business Coaching Services That Help With Strategic Planning

A business coach can help your turn your vision into reality by guiding you as you strategically plan. A strategic plan requires synergy from vision to task, leading to increased sales. It’s also important that your short-term and long-term goals align. A professional business coach will:

  • Offer you a step-by-step plan to research your industry and niche
  • Ensure that you understand your target market and ideal client
  • Guide you through a SWOT analysis to identify which opportunities to leverage while understanding environmental threats
  • Know and manage weaknesses while leveraging your strengths
  • Help you create SMART goals and support them with sound objectives, strategies, and tactics
  • Teach you how to develop metrics to track your goals
  • Assist you with planning your business projects
  • Ensure your day-to-day activities support your plans

Offer Business Coaching Services That Help Small Business Owners Hone Their Leadership Abilities

Many life coaches and therapists are first-time business owners and need guidance. Business coaches help new entrepreneurs:

  • Learn and practice good communication skills
  • Use empathy to understand their client’s needs
  • Think strategically
  • Embrace mistakes and use them to propel forward
  • Increase productivity through automation and delegation
  • Hold themselves and their clients accountable
  • Have the courage to make decisions even if all the data is not available
  • Give and receive feedback from their clients

Do You Need a to Hire a Business Coach, Mentor, or Consultant?

As a new business owner, it’s hard to understand what you need and who can help you. When do you need a coach, mentor, or consultant?

  • A coach ensures you have the skills and tools to achieve your goals
  • A mentor helps you because they’ve been through a similar experience and can provide insight
  • A business consultant use their expertise to provide you with work output

Business Coaching Services

A business coach is a professional who can help you start and grow your small business. They can provide advice on the best practices to improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line. Some business coaches may also help you identify and deal with blockers keeping you from your goal. Some small business coaches may also render consulting services.

Small business startup coaches can assist their clients in achieving their goals, which typically includes customer acquisition and brand development. They are also responsible for ensuring they can demonstrate progress towards these goals via various performance metrics. A small business startup coach also helps clients create action plans to promote business growth.

Business Mentoring Services

Small business mentors give advice for free or at a low cost. Hence, they could be useful for entrepreneurs with a limited budget.

Business Consulting Services

A small business consultant offers expert advice and services in a particular area of service. For instance, a small business consultant may specialize in strategic, digital marketing, or business expansion.

For example, a small business startup consultant provides advice on starting and growing your business. They are helpful if you are building your business from scratch and can save you many costly mistakes. A consultant may work in one or more ways, including:

  • Providing advice
  • Offering services such as business plan writing and marketing
  • Training you in a specific area

Is An Executive Coach the Same As a Business Coach?

The main difference between a business coach and an executive coach is in whom they help. A business owner usually hires a business coach. In contrast, an executive coach is generally employed by a larger organization or an individual. Executive coaches usually take on executives and managers as clients and help their clients by:

  • Helping advance their careers by assisting them to remove the barriers that have them stuck
  • Giving them insight on how to cope with constant organizational change
  • Assisting them to improve their skills
  • Supporting them in motivation, stress management, administrative and time management, self-awareness, and self-care.

What Type of Business Coaching Services Does Jowanna Daley, LLC Offer?

With Jowanna Daley, you get the benefit of coaching, consulting, and mentoring. Jowanna is a small business coach with a comprehensive business, information technology, project management, and digital background.

Our Business Coaching Services

We tailor our services to your needs. We help our small business owners:

  • Nurture creativity with brainstorming
  • Organize and prioritize business ideas
  • Organize and prioritize ideal clients
  • Use agile to go through our signature business program for the high priority coaching program and client
  • Research and analyze competitors and keywords
  • Capitalize on their business idea
  • Devise company vision, mission, and values
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Formulate campaign for launching
  • Determine campaign monitor and program improvement measurement

Our Business Consulting Services

We recognize that our clients rather spend time focusing on their clients’ needs. So, we offer our consulting services to our coaching clients. We can develop client-specific:

  • Empathy maps
  • Client journey maps
  • User personas
  • Program developments
  • Project plans for startup, campaign, or content development
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content plans
  • Website development
  • Requirements
  • Search engine optimized (content creation)
  • Creative briefs for branding
  • Branding
  • Gap Analysis


You can participate in our 6-week mentoring program by invite only. The program is only available via the Transformation Academy Networking Facebook Page. 

The Benefits of Hiring Jowanna Daley as Your Business Coach

We believe that we need more coaches and counselors to meet current demands. Our vision is to increase the number of startup coaching and counseling business that survive past the first five years.

Many small companies waste money on unnecessary expenses because they don’t know what they need to get started. Our business model looks to get you to market as soon as possible to minimize the out-of-pocket expense. We also teach our clients to evaluate the rate of return on any services or startup expenses.

Benefits include:

  • An immediate sense of relief and renewed hope
  • Getting the support you need
  • Increased clarity in priorities and goals
  • Increased skill and confidence
  • Being more organize
  • Increased business management and marketing skills
  • Surety in business skills
  • A clear understanding of ideal clients and their needs
  • Improved personal development skills
  • A heightened level of excitement for business
  • A suite of business and personal development tools
  • A program where you set the pace and your needs

Get the Support and Empowerment You Deserve

Jowanna Daley, LLC is physically located in McDonough, GA, but we serve local, national, and international clients via virtual coaching. We use a coach-consultant model, leading with our hearts. We combine all of our expertise to provide you with a total solution for small business owners.

Many successful companies, both large and small enterprises, hire a business coach as part of their road map for business growth. At Jowanna Daley, we care about your long term success; call us to schedule your session at 678-833-1850.