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Affordable Personal Branding Photography Services is in McDonough

Investing in your personal brand is one of your most critical tasks for 2019. It includes building trust, educating your customers, creating content, and letting consumers get to know you. Your branding includes your digital photos. Jowanna Daley located in McDonough in Henry County, Georgia offers all the services you need to build your brand including personal branding photography services.

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography is letting your clients, potential clients, partners, employers or employees see and get to know the real you. Though we live in a digital world, nothing has ever been as personal as it is today. People want to get to know you. You need images to share on social media: headshots, candid shots, and blog shots.

At Jowanna Daley, our affordable personal branding photography services are focused on small business clients that need high-quality services within an affordable budget.

What Are The Benefits of Doing a Personal Brand Photo Shoot?

  • It is great for growing your business and your brand
  • You will connect to consumers since they love buying from people (and not companies)
  • It will build trust and credibility
  • It is an effective way to grow your branding image

Aren’t Personal Branding Photography Sessions Expensive?

Branding photo shoots can be expensive. Jowanna Daley has always envisioned finding a way to bring the corporate edge to the small business community. She offers simple pricing along with monthly specials so that micro-businesses, soloproneurs, and professionals can build their photo assets. She’ll also give you tips about the types of photo shoots based on your personality, profession, and marketing strategy.

What To Expect When Using Jowanna Daley Personal Branding Photography Services

The shoots are priced to remove the frills without compromising the photo quality. As a solopreneur, Jowanna understands how hard it is to run a business on a bare-bones budget and thus, creates a partnership with her fellow business owners.

This partnership only works if both parties fulfill their role. Turn in paperwork and do your homework per instructions so that you do not risk your shoot or the next client’s shoot. Jowanna will consider freelance shoots for $250; however, those types of shoots are not her focus.

Before the Shoot

Once you book your time online, you will see a link to fill out your photography intake form. Once you submit your form, Jowanna will plan your shoot. You will then get tips about what to wear, your facial expressions, and what to expect.

You will get a link of with poses specific to the type of shoots (headshots vs. on location). Select your poses and practice. While you can change your mind, the point is to have a sweet, short, fun shoot with amazing results. Jowanna will speak to you at least once to prep for your shoot.

The Day of The Shoot

The day of the shoot, have everything you need for the shoot. If you have any special requests, it should have been on your intake form and confirmed before the shoot. Photographers are focused on things such as the lighting and perfecting the camera settings. Bring a friend or assistant to help ensure everything is in place.

Expect up to four people in the room (including you). If you have selected your pose before the shoot, you will get the opportunity to do so at the beginning of the shoot. This is where “your person” comes in very handy. If there is time, you will get to review the pictures. If not, the photographer will send you the images so you can make your selection.

Expect a turn around of no more than five days. If you have any special requests or needs, make sure your photographer knows.

What Are Your Standard Photo Session Packages

There are three packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All packages include high-resolution (for print) and low-resolution (for internet) copies of each brand image you select.

Bronze Personal Branding Package – $50

  • Two poses and about five shots each
  • Your favorite pick from at least five personal brand images
  • High-resolution and low-resolution copies of the image selected
  • Custom image cuts for the top social media profiles

Silver Personal Branding Package – $75

  • Three poses and up to seven shots each
  • Two selections from a minimum of seven personal branding images
  • High-resolution and low-resolution copies of each image selected
  • Custom image cuts for the top social media profiles of your favorite brand image

Gold Personal Branding Package – $100

  • Up to seven poses and about five shots each
  • Up to two backgrounds
  • Five selections from a minimum of 12 personal branding images
  • High-resolution and low-resolution copies of each image selected
  • Custom image cuts for the top social media profiles of your favorite brand image

Branding may seem overwhelming and “fancy” but is just a way to present YOU to your audience. One of those ways includes digital photos.  Schedule your shoot today and also check out our photo branding page and subscribe to our newsletters to keep up with monthly specials.