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Startup Consulting and Coaching Program in McDonough

Business Coaching Program

Are you working hard on your business but find that your business is not working for you? Do you feel overwhelmed because you are working too many hours without getting results? Do you have goals, but your day-to-day work is not moving you toward those goals? Jowanna Daley’s Quantum Leap small business consulting and coaching program will help you set up your business for long-term success.

What Is the Quantum Leap Business Consulting and Coaching Program?

Your business does not have thousands of dollars or human-power that big companies have. That’s why you need a consultant-coach that focuses on a business and marketing strategy custom-made for your needs and your budget.

This program

  • Provides an agile framework that is repeatable, result-oriented, and change friendly
  • Has the structure, guidance, and expert advice needed for real-world business scenarios
  • Comes with a simple way to track your progress, holding both you and your coach-consultant accountable
  • Allows you to “skill-up” without impeding on your ability to launch your business in a timely fashion
  • Helps you achieve the mindset changes needed to make you a successful business owner
  • Catapults your business using a modern-day approach to launching your business iteratively and incrementally
  • Empowers you through a plan of action that helps you build your brand one service at a time

How the Quantum Leap Business Consulting and Coaching Program Works

Jowanna customizes the program for each client. First, you fill out a customer intake form, followed by the program’s starting point worksheet.

Both the form and worksheet is the first step in the process. The program is combines the power of expert consultancy and coaching to help you:

  • Gain clarity
  • Conduct efficient Research
  • Identify your tribe
  • Monetizing your mission
  • Learn result-oriented goal setting
  • Get the personal development you need as a business owner
  • Staying motivated, focused, and forward-moving
  • Master a process that allows you to grow your micro-enterprise one service at a time

Your sessions combine the empowerment that comes from coaching, the value of a consultant, and the forward-moving traction from getting work done.

Small Business Consulting and Coaching Program Benefits

The program benefits include:

  • See results from the first session
  • Gain clarity around your business idea
  • Have an expert that can fill in the skills-gap without taking away your power as the business owner
  • Work in a safe setting that allows you to be yourself
  • Get the support that others in your life cannot give you
  • Boost your confidence with results and idea confirmation
  • Have the agility required to run a business

Is This Program for Me?

Jowanna Daley believes the small business owners are leaders in the community, and business owners must put people first. She also believes that quality business coaching and consultancy should be within reach of solopreneurs. We want profitable and thriving businesses run by business owners who support the communities that buy their products and services.

This program work for entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in your business and you:

  • Believe in what you are doing
  • Care about people over profits
  • Believe in what they are doing
  • Care about people
  • Are self-driven
  • Are the hardest worker and biggest advocate for your business

And you:

  • Feel like you are wasting time by doing working on tasks
  • Don’t have a clear set of priorities
  • Have a gap in some of the necessary business planning skills but can’t afford to outsource the business activities
  • Are not seeing value in your current marketing efforts

Schedule Your Free Zoom Session With Jowanna Daley in McDonough

Though Jowanna Daley is located in McDonough, GA, you can get one-on-one coaching from the comfort of your home. Jowanna helps people both state-side and abroad. Start the process for your free business coaching session today!