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We offer a business coaching and consulting program that gives life coaches and therapists a perfect balance of guidance and offering our business expertise. Starting a business is complex. We set up action plans to help our clients succeed.

• Get 1:1 weekly sessions with your coach
• Achieve weekly results
• Lean on us to get the time-consuming tasks done
• Launch your business confidently and quickly, one service and ideal client at a time.


New Business Coaching & Consulting Plan Program

Our new business coaching and consulting program provides the perfect balance of developing skills and providing solutions. Learn how to own your company vision without being a subject matter expert in marketing, research, and finance. Our program drives results and gives you the support and flexibility you deserve.
• Get 1:1 weekly sessions with your coach
• Achieve results each week
• Get professional services for the time-consuming tasks
• Launch your business confidently, one service at a time


Lean Marketing Plans

Elaborate marketing plans overwhelm small business owners and are a waste of money. We streamline your marketing process by iterating through your marketing efforts. Our agile process allows us to focus on high-priority marketing efforts.
• Reduce your implementation costs
• Launch marketing initiative in less time
• Enjoy simpler market funnels
• Stay focused on critical success factors


Lean Business Plans

Formal business plans are unnecessary for most of our clients. As a life coach or therapist, you are the product. Our lean plans allow you to focus on the critical aspects of your new business. Get support in building your plan during your sessions, or let us do it for you.
• Cut out the noise in planning
• Focus your energy on your launch event
• Concentrate on tasks critical to pushing your business forward


Professional Services

Let us help you implement your campaign! We offer exclusive services to our coaching clients with over 20 years of experience in information technology, project management, business analysis, and digital implementation.
• Content plans
• Web design
• SEO content
• Social media plans and implementation
• Logo Design
• Project management


A Client’s Perspective

Trice Mitchell

Trice Mitchell

Before I started my sessions with Jowanna, I said I was not a seller. I would beat myself up and say that I just needed to put myself out there. Working with Jowanna help me not only deal with my mindset, but I had the tools to progress with my business.

At our first meeting, I came in feeling weighted. I had recently lost my mother and grandmother (we have a connection through these two ladies). I was doing so much for others that I felt overwhelmed. Jowanna listened. My goals seemed far-reaching and impossible. 

I immediately felt supported. By the end of that first session, I felt more empowered. Seeing my ideas organized brought back my excitement. I did not feel overwhelmed.

Jowanna hold’s my hand, but she does not pull me. She holds me accountable, but she does not believe in punishment. She empowers me to direct my journey and that it is okay not to know everything.

I appreciate her flexibility. Her dedication to helping people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to her talent. I gladly recommend her service.

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